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About Us

We deal in providing world class support for our clients. Our philosophy is to build great relationships with our clients, and we achieve this by providing them with the best support solutions at an affordable price. We operate from India.

Currently, we only provide "live chat support" and "email support" for our clients and do not provide phone support.

The Process

You can choose from a 24/7 round the clock service (for which the plans are listed in the Pricing section) or on an hourly basis (get in touch with us for more information on hourly work rates). If you feel that you do not see a suitable plan for your needs, let us know, and we will come up with a customised plan for all of your needs. We will require some of the information on the nature of the support needed before offering you a custom plan.

If you have already installed any of the live chat software already for your website(s), we are happy to work on the same. You do not need to change your preferred live chat software to hire us!

Get to know (GTK) - The length of the "get to know" period depends - it can be as short as 24-48 hours or may take up to two weeks, depending on the complexity of the job.

Further, we offer a trial period of 7 -21 days which is inclusive of the GTK period. We only accept payments for the services once you are satisfied with the results of the trial.

Our Expertise

We are quick learners and believe in providing quality support.

We specialise in handling support processes for the 3rd party app developers of macOS and iOS platform primarily. We are also happy to work for the Android/Web applications. We compliment the customer support with 'testing' the apps based on the reports from the user base. So, if you choose us to be the support wing for your application - we will keep you informed about all the bug reports (with the steps to reproduce them) and the general feedback that your application receives from the users. In case, you want to hire a separate test team to test the app extensively, let us know, we will make some affordable arrangements for you.

We also provide support for the commercial websites which deal in selling products or providing services.